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Neil Thomson N.Thomson at nhm.ac.uk
Mon Mar 5 12:40:59 CET 2007

Hi Barbara,

I think continuing in Excel will be fine. It shouldn't need to be translated into xsd, as far as I can see.

Good luck with it,

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Neil and Markus,

OK guys.  I am on this now.  (this weekend, actually)

Any suggestions as the best way to formulate this?  My past mappings have been in Excel and I did not close out the expressions.  

What would be the best file format for future use?  Could I continue in Excel and then you folks save in an xsd program?  
I would prefer to continue and edit the work I've done and concentrate on the conceptual mappings rather than get bogged down in formatting.

Apologies for my ignorance but I don't normally work with xsd or xml files.

Please advise as to the most efficient and useful way for me to proceed. 



Barbara Mathé
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I have added v0.50 to the tdwg resource directory.

The schema resource is now available at:

If you want to refer to the schema, please use this URL:

The latest development version of NCD is also update and available at http://rs.tdwg.org/ncd/dev

best wishes

On Feb 27, 2007, at 10:04 AM, Neil Thomson wrote:

> Dear all,
> Please find attached version 0.50 of NCD. The following changes from 
> v0.40 have been made:
> Version 0.40 to 0.50 -  (February 2007)
>         Ensured all elements with a language attribute are repeatable 
> (if not already)
>                 - AgentRole
>                 - Note (in Agents)
>                 - CollectionName
>                 - Abstract
>                 - DescriptionForSpecialists
>                 - Citation
>                 - Notes (in Descriptive Group)
>                 - AccessRestrictions
>                 - UsageRestrictions
>                 - CustodialHistory
>                 - InstitutionName
>                 - SubunitName
>                 - InstitutionalContactPost
>                 - Town
>                 - Region
>                 - CountryName
>                 - ExpeditionName
>         Removed language attribute from <PostalAddressText> - assume 
> native language
>         Added <PhysicalAddressText> to cater for P.O.Boxes to 
> Institution Group
>         Added <SubUnitName> to Institution Group
> I hope that no further changes will be required until we get more 
> operational experience of working with NCD, but do please let me know 
> as soon as possible if there is anything glaringly wrong or missing. I 
> also hope that these changes should not have much of an impact on any 
> implementations based on the previous version.
> The intention is that this version remains as is for some time, so 
> that the tasks we undertake this year can be based on a stable version 
> of the standard. This includes the production of the NCD Toolkit by 
> NLBIF, the conversion to RDF by Markus and the documentation and 
> mappings being coordinated by Connie. A complete list of deliverables 
> for the year is (or will be shortly) on the wikis.
> I will be placing the updated file, with text-based and image-based 
> derivations, on the NCD Website and on the RAVNS Basecamp in due 
> course.
> For those of you that are aiming to attend the NCD 2007 Workshop, the 
> dates are almost confirmed as June 18th and 19th, with ETI in 
> Amsterdam as the host institution. More information on this later.
> With all best wishes,
> Neil
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