[Biogeosdi] Engines are starting!

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 04:14:02 CEST 2007

Hi all,

Cheers from Campinas! I arrived yesterday and had already my first  
swim at the hotel swimming pool :) Here is HOT, really HOT. I saw  
yesterday at 14:00 a thermometer claiming it was 35 celsius degrees,  
so be prepare. Apart of this I have to say that the food is  
wonderful, people is nice, the hotel is fine and with internet and  
CRIA is a nice office where I am sure we will have fun.

But I haven't been just eating and swimming today! Jeje. I have been  
all day working with Tim to prepare stuff and I have to say we have  
been quite productive, hopefully we will continue the same tomorrow.
Tim has prepared a development server for us with Ubuntu where we  
have installed things like Geoserver for WMS,WCS and WFS. He also  
have set up the basic project layout for svn (using the one provided  
by Dave). Meanwhile I have started mocking up the interface of the  
web app that we discussed we want to build, and we have gone quite  
far already :) You can take a look at the screenshots we took at:


All the source code is already in subversion if you wanna take a look  
(trac has an svn browser). Tomorrow we will probably start making  
them more real than they are today by getting already some data via  
web services. Maybe we are done before you come and we can all go on  
holidays on Monday :D Not really, there is a lot of nice ideas  
floating in our minds for merging more and more standards into the  

Ah! and because there has not been any suggestions we are starting to  
use Acacias as the test data (please bring more ideas!).

I hope you are all fine and we are waiting for you to be around here.



By the way! I took the suggested bus and I have to say is more  
comfortable than a taxi! The bus is fully air conditioned, with big  
seats (really big), the people are very quit... I really really  
recommend you to pick up the bus.

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