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Eamonn O Tuama eotuama at gbif.org
Tue Jun 12 12:44:34 CEST 2007

Dear Marcus,

I took the liberty of adding your example to the TDM wiki here:

That is the best place for further discussion. I have also added your
initial comments there and posed a follow-on question about putting a
tp:PublicationCitation under every spm:hasInformation element when you want
to cite a source for its content.

Best regards,


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I have prepared a simple SpeciesPage example based on the current  

I hope this helps and also that it's really correct. At least it  
validates with w3c's validator.
You can also view it with the new AJAX based OpenLink RDF browser:

two things struck me when writing this example:
- where do I put a PublicationCitation? I would want to cite all  
sources for every information and I dont know where/how. Is this  
missing or part of the base/core ontology already?
- hasInformation is a bit redundant, but the validator did complain  
when I declared all InfoItems under a single hasInformation node. Was  
this intended? I guess yes, cause otherwise the InfoItems would have  
to be properties.

best wishes

On 28.06.2007, at 13:11, Eamonn O Tuama wrote:

> Dear Gregor,
> I do not see it being a case of SDD versus SPM. SPM will only be  
> needed if
> SDD cannot fulfill the use cases of the latter.   It would be great  
> if you
> would accept Roger's invitation to act as champion of an interest  
> group that
> covers descriptive data, whether covered by SDD, SPM, whatever. Bob  
> would be
> a good person to talk to because of his knowledge of SDD and his  
> attendance
> at the GBIF SPM workshop where we initiated discussions.
> Question to Marcus: did you manage to develop the SPM instance  
> examples we
> talked about? I think they will help the interest group, particularly
> non-modellers, to understand what's involved.
> Best regards,
> Éamonn
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> Hi Gregor,
> I had hoped that Bob would have talked to you about this. We spoke to
> him very deliberately in Copenhagen before he came to see you about
> the overlap with SDD and he said he would discuss it with you.
> There was a consensus at the meeting I believe that there should be
> an interest group that covers descriptive data that contained task
> groups to do things on SDD, SDD-Lite? TDM (now called SPM I believe)
> perhaps images or whatever. That way there would be a forum to deal
> with any of these potential overlaps. I was hoping that he would
> persuade you to step forward as a champion for such a group!
> Please discuss with Eammon who is championing the SPM and Markus who
> is looking at re-modeling what we came up with. I have cc'd them in
> on the email.
> All the best,
> Roger
> On 22 May 2007, at 17:48, Gregor Hagedorn wrote:
>> Hi Roger
>> I am just responding because of Adrian's call for the TDWG program.
>> I understand that the Taxon data model redevelops a lot of the
>> concepts of SDD
>> in a different light.
>> I do not say what you do is wrong if you are only interested in
>> free-form text.
>> SDD is about structured data and about mixed situations. But I
>> wonder whether
>> you really never want to move into more structured forms.
>> I am worried or just don't see how your future extensibility would
>> work. How
>> can I learn that?
>> We did have reasons to consider text characters a form of
>> character, but the
>> reasons we did it is to have typed characters and free-form text
>> mixtures
>> supported. In the markup part, you can also markup with any number
>> of high-
>> level concepts.
>> I would really like to have discussions on this, on what you
>> learned, and that
>> would include possibly changing SDD into something new. I hope both
>> sides could
>> learn.
>> What can you suggest? Should we have a session on SDD versus TDM at
>> TDWG?
>> Would you be willing to talk on the descriptive data part? Do you
>> suggest other
>> talks?
>> I appreciate your help if you can!
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