[Biogeosdi] Long time ago...

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 01:27:20 CEST 2007

Hey people!!

Long time ago there was a meeting in Campinas... 6 incredible person  
met there to create an amazing prototype that would save the world...  
but they forgot to finish the documentation!!

What a pity, the world would have been a much better place....

We can be different! We still have the opportunity to save the world  
if we finish the report from our last meeting!

I have edited several parts of the document and sent it to Lee to ask  
him for comments. He is very happy with the status of the report, but  
I have to say I would still edit a little bit more... in any case I  
think we can start a fast process... let say we put the document  
under ask for comments until wednesday, if no one complain before I  
will send it then.

If someone, for any reason, does not have access to the document on  
the SVN server

Lee also asked me to present the report and the prototype on the next  
OGC meeting in Paris, the 12th of June. Flip will give us 20min and 5  
more for questions...
I hope everybody is fine with me going there. This is part of the  
TDWG-OGC MoU, we have to demonstrate that we take them seriously.

I will be on holidays from the 28th til the 8th of July. I will  
travel to the states for a friends wedding in Kentucky. If things get  
crazy I might finish getting marriage in Las Vegas as Elvis Presley,  
but if not I will probably fly then directly tom Paris. My trip is NY- 
Chicago-Kentucky if someone is on the road those days.

So... I did it again... I will use my holidays to work on the  
presentation and on the prototype. Ideally I will present a finish  
prototype on HTML and Flex, with the design that the designer did  
here and with Yahoo maps integration. Of course also with a nice  
presentation, not a boring one, and with lot of preparation. But  
somewhere between this ideal situation and a total disaster I will  
finish, if someone want to help please go ahead!! First thing I need  
to have is a title for the presentation. I have some ideas but more  
are welcome:

-90 coconuts and an old Dell laptop to save biodiversity using  
geospatial standards.
-Demonstration on how tropical weather influence programming  
productivity and happiness... using OGC standards!
-OGC is not enough
-Biodioversity 2.0

And some more classical, and more probable like:
-OGC standards and biodiversity: the biogeosdi experiment.

Javier de la Torre
Dtor. Tecnología
Tel: 91 536 05 03
Mov: 629 69 38 70
jatorre at imaste-ips.com

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