[Biogeosdi] Long time ago...

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 09:59:31 CEST 2007

Hi Tim,

> I think there are some minor tweaks to the actual app we need to  
> sort too:
> - gbif data portal is changing (rest services are going live) and the
> new url will be data.gbif.org

Is there any place for documentation for this? I would not mind to  
change this, consuming REST services is by far the easiest!

> - general clean up of any cruft

Uhmm... do you really wanna cleanup all this? Are you kind of ashamed  
of the code? :D

Actually I learnt a lot in the workshop that I am applying to my  
daily job now :) For example I created an architecture for a big  
project with several companies working on it and it is very much  
based on the same ideas behind our prototype, although we even  
abstract the API, the service layer, so that it can be implemented in  
different languages. We are using Flex, HTML with AMF, JSON AJAX and  
XML with the server side implemented in Java and PHP. The PHP part is  
quite simple but the java part is really tricky with Spring, JPA and  
Flex Data Services on it... We are sharing the same VOs in Action  
Script, Java, PHP and JSON and it actually works!! Remoting and  
serialization rules!! But of course without SOAP!

> - sort out missing bits in installation procedure

Yeah! As you suggested something that would really rock is to have it  
as a Parallels disk image!! In the other hand, did you get the  
message from Ricardo? TDWG fianlly said no to buying another server  
and proposed to install the prototype on an existing server.  
Therefore this point is important.

By the way, would be possible to install it on a mac or windows? What  
do you think? From the side that I know there is problem with the  
dependencies, but no idea with openmodeller and mapserver.

> - doxygen docs for all classes

It was already like this no?

Have to check the documentation on the prototype.

> How about we try to dedicate a day this week to 'triage' the remaining
> issues I listed above? Would be good ot sort them out along with the
> report.

Cool... I am still trying to get time to integrate the stuff from the  

> I think a repeat along the lines of the final presentation you gave to
> Sidnei, Dora and Vanderlei would be good.

Hey I forgot that we had this presentation!!


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