[Biogeosdi] Who is working on the code?

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 16:35:31 CEST 2007

Yeah, I could do that, I was just wondering and a little bit lazy to  
check the history. By the way that the trac system does not allow to  
view the timeline (https://biogeosdi.ecoforge.net/timeline) and its a  
pity, that really help to see what is going on in general.

Dont Worry Dave. I have updated the code because as you said it was  
not that much work (thanks that you are using a SAX parser i have to  
I agree with you Dave that this is not a product, that's why I was  
asking on the code changes (it was not only curiosity ;) ), but if  
someone feels like is a good base I have to say the code does not  
look bad, it just need some more serious work on it, thats all.

I agree also that the problems with changes on the payload of web  
services should go straight to the report :) I will annotate that.


On 26/06/2007, at 15:38, Dave Vieglais wrote:

> Hi All,
> It should be apparent from the svn logs who's been working on stuff.
> FYI - I'm really swamped at the moment with other work and really  
> won't have a chance to even peek at biogeosdi until the second week  
> of July.
> Remember that this project was more to evaluate the status of  
> existing standards, not really expecting a product at the end  
> (though it would certainly be nice).  So issues like the namespace  
> thing and so forth should be noted (and probably fixed where  
> trivial), but details like that will be very important in a report  
> as such things can be show stoppers for a deployed application.
> Dave V.
> On Jun 26, 2007, at 05:01, Javier de la Torre wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> While editing the code to improve a little bit the documentation I  
>> am more and more realizing that there has been some work on it  
>> after the workshop. I see ocurrencesModel now have methids to  
>> serialize to RSS and things like that... Who is working on this?  
>> For what purpose? Just for curiosity! Thanks
>> Javier.
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