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We partially had this conversation on IRC today but I'll repeat here
for general info.

2007/2/15, Aimee Stewart <astewart at ku.edu>:
>  Hi Javier and everyone,
>  I'm getting a little nervous about our upcoming workshop.  I don't see that
> we have a plan, process, or goals in place and it's unclear to me how I fit
> in.  I've been busier than anticipated since TDWG (I'm sure that's true for
> everyone), and haven't been able to prepare like I wanted to.
>  So, some questions:
> Do we have any documentation of our goals and how we can achieve them?

I believe our goal is to try to see if we can achieve an
implementation that meets the simple use case scenario outlined on the
wiki here:


If I can summarise more succinctly I believe we have 3 goals:

1) Build a foundation of 'glue code' in python to allow the various
services to exchange data
2) Build a simple web interface that allows the execution of the
simple use case scenario
3) Document and report on the issues for interoperability we
experience as it relates to TDWG standards / emerging standards, and
web services out there in the big wide world.

In my opionion 3 is the most useful outcome - its a barometer reading
on how interoerable the various TDWG initiatives are, and an
indication of where we could focus more effort in the future.

> What projects to we expect to be mostly complete and ready to build upon?

We have a partial list on the above page, but it would be good if
folks could add whatever we are missing.

> Are they all ready?

I'm guessing some are and some arent.

> How exactly do we plan to work together?  Huddle in a circle, everyone
> staring at their own laptops?

I would suggest we form 2 man teams and 'buddy program'. Day 1 we will
do some planning. My suggestion would be that we hive off into smaller
groups to mock up web ui, api etc. The following days we start
implementing. Because the time is short we can do everything 'live'
dropping code and web stuff into svn as we create it and deploy it on
a test server at the same time. Pretty much I am suggesting some
'extremely extreme' programming.

> What do we expect to have at the end of the week?

A python framework that can be repurposed for e.g. non web apps
A web application
A report or outline of a report (to be finished offline after the meeting?)

> What do we expect to present to TDWG 2007?

A demo of the web app and the findings in our report.

> Can it be achieved in one week or will we need to continue working on it
> remotely?

I would think that anything we dont comlpete will take some commitment
from others to invest further time which is probably unlikely. So we
should aim to have something working in the week, with perhaps the
report being communaly completed after the week?

> Do participants have the ability to donate time after the workshop or will
> their efforts be supported by other projects? Aimee

Its possible that I could invest further time if the outcome was
relevant to openModeller project - Id need to discuss that with Renato
et al.

All of above was just my 5c worth, others may have completely
different ideas....

Best regards


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