[tdwg-ncd] French metadata interfaces based on the NCD

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Forwarded on behalf on Patricia Kelbert ... 

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Subject: [tdwg-ncd] French metadata interfaces based on the NCD

As we announced it in january, the french GBIF node developed its own interface
for metadata, based on the NCD schema.

We made an new interface in PHP for adding metadata, and adapted the Synthesys
Web Portal for browsing and updating the data (Python). 

We started to develop the interfaces in february-march, thus "our" NCD version
might not fit to the current version; we added some fields too.

You can have a look at the interface (only in french, sorry) :

and the portal (still in development and in french) :

Hope it can be useful.

Selon lancelot at bohm.snv.jussieu.fr:

> >>>I am pleased to say the the French GBIF node have expressed an early
> >>> interest
> >>> in making use of the toolkit and have joined this mailing list so
> >>> that they
> >>> can participate in the discussions - welcome Gaël Lancelot.
> >>>    
> >>
> Thank you very much for your warm welcome. I would like, however, to point
> out
> that I'm not alone in the French GBIF team. In fact, I'm quite certain that
> most of the contributions on this list will come from my colleagues, Adil El
> Filali and Patricia Kelbert, who have vastly superior computer know-how to
> mine.
> This being said, the French node is indeed looking at using NCD for its
> metadata
> gathering campaign. Due to our timekeeping constraints, we cannot afford to
> wait for the NCD toolkit, useful as it would be, and we might well develop
> our
> NCD tools (database, interface) in parallel to the work done in Amsterdam.
> Of
> course, we'd be glad to share these developments with the list, in case it
> might be of any help.
> Thanks a lot for your support and your work,
> Gaël Lancelot
> Scientific Resource Management
> GBIF France
> 12, rue Cuvier
> 75005 PARIS
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