[tdwg-lit] TDWG Lit interest group revitalisation!

Weitzman, Anna WEITZMAN at si.edu
Thu Aug 16 16:13:58 CEST 2007

Hi all,


I am sending this to everyone who has signed up for the list and to a few people who have expressed continued interest, but who have not yet signed up.  If you wish to join this list, please do so at:  http://lists.tdwg.org/mailman/listinfo/tdwg-lit.


First, the Lit group charter is under review.  I presume that it will be approved before the upcoming TDWG meeting in Bratislava.


Second, I want to let you know that we have scheduled (I apologize for the short notice) a 'formal' Lit interest group meeting on Sunday, 16 September 2007 from 2:30-5:00 pm in Bratislava (prior to the TDWG meeting which starts the following morning and before the opening reception).  For those of you who cannot attend the meeting, I'll send out minutes (or at least a summary after the TDWG meeting).  


Third, and most importantly, I have been receiving some pressure from the TDWG TIP program to apply for funds for a workshop to bring as many of us together as possible so we can quickly 'knock out' version one of a standard ASAP (by the end of 2007???).  There was not time to pull this together at the time of the TDWG meeting, so I have been thinking about potentials for this and the best I can think of is 2-3 days in mid-November (the week of 12 November).  Please let me know if that time is possible for you.


Once I get an idea of who might be able to come (and the geographic distribution of those able to do so), I will figure out the most cost-effective location and put in a proposal for funds.


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Bratislava and at the workshop!





Anna L. Weitzman, PhD

Editor, TDWG Proceedings

Botanical and Biodiversity Informatics Research

National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Institution


office: 202.633.0846

mobile: 202.415.4684

weitzman at si.edu


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