[Biogeosdi] Re: question WFS/WMS layer occurrences search

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 16:47:47 CEST 2007

Hi Bart,

Lets start using our mailing list to talk about these topics ok?
> Now, I think that the occurence service stores a WFS layer (e.g. the
> Cocos_nucif_28977530 layer) the moment you do the search, so I just  
> need
> to know :
> * is this done automatically for each and every search ? In GBIF,  
> in WFS
> and in TAPIR ?

Yes they are.

> * how do I get the name of this layer in OccurencesDisplay.php - short
> of doing a GetCapabilities and parsing the whole XML ?

Uhmmm...no, in the XML report you get after fetching the data it is  
included the name of the layer that has been registered in the WFS  
server. Look at the contents of a report to grab it.


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