[tdwg-ncd] RE: Moore Foundation Round II bid from NCD Task Group

Neil Thomson N.Thomson at nhm.ac.uk
Tue Nov 21 12:23:52 CET 2006

Hi Lee,
As requested, here are the outputs that are expected from the NCD 2007
1. Introduction to RDF/OWL modelling - may also be useful for
TDWG-Education purposes
2. First draft of NCD RDF schema and agreement on implementation
3. Agreed list of terms for use with NCD picklists and for definition in
the TDWG ontology
4. Final draft of NCD User Guide and first draft of Migration Guide.
User Guide to include new section on the use og NCD for describing
5. Workshop Report 
Hope this helps,


From: Lee Belbin [mailto:leebel at netspace.net.au] 
Sent: 17 November 2006 05:35
To: Neil Thomson
Subject: RE: Moore Foundation Round II bid from NCD Task Group

Hi Neil
I've spent the day summarising the proposals and will get a statement
about them to all the submitters sometime next week.
On your part 5 (the NCD meeting), I really need to know specifically
what will be done at the meeting/workshop or by the people attending the
meeting. I can't fund meetings, only what will be produced as a
consequence of them.
I've cut out part of an e-mail to Aimee Stewart (below) about this that
may help.
"Meetings and Workshops shouldn't be talkshops.  I have found a simple
process very effective for productive meetings. The cost of entry is the
provision of a significant component of work. That work may be
determining and documenting how to communicate between two components,
outlining a portion of the workflow, providing data, writing software,
researching options and presenting conclusions etc. The other key point
is to come away from the meeting with the outcome. Done. Written up. The
works. This tends to focus the mind, determine what is really needed,
and ensure that it gets done."
I've also broken your proposal into 5 components as we may end up having
to pick and choose in some cases. I've done the same with a few others.
On a related subject, Roger, Donald, Adrian, Stan and I have had some
discussion yesterday on what the 'observations' may encompass. We
currently have quite a few proposals (no charters as yet!) for Interest
Groups. The structure is flat in that there has not been a 'horizontal
perspective' on how any of these proposed IGs relate. I doubt we (the
Exec) can do much on that until we have the charters. Catch-22. I
mentioned that one perspective could put NCD into observations. Anyway,
as I said early on, I strongly suggest you discuss the options with
Adrian. We really need to keep the discussions flowing on this issue.

Lee Belbin
Manager, TDWG Infrastructure Project
Email: lee at tdwg.org
Phone: +61(0)419 374 133 

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