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Anna Weitzman Weitzman at si.edu
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I would like to hear from those who suggested this standard was needed, as
to the intent of this level of standard (I'm not sure I recall who that was
anymore) and from there we should make decisions about how complete they
need to be.  I was, naively, thinking that direct string comparisons would
be possible, if the standard were clear (at least to the point that one
might be part of another or they might overlap, or occur 'next to' each
other etc.).

>>> "Donald Hobern" <dhobern at gbif.org> 10-Feb-2006 3:51:31 AM >>>
Anna,Thanks for this.  The main question I think needs to be clarified is
how much flexibility a data provider is to be allowed in completing the
human-readable string.  Clearly we do not expect to be able to perform
direct string comparisons between two provider's citations, so are these
just recommendations of components that should be included, or is the
intention to mandate a particular sequence of elements?  Which ones are
considered (at least more or less) mandatory, and which are optional?  I
guess we should provide some actual examples of "complete" and "partial"
citations and state whether they are regarded as sufficient.Donald
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Dear All,
This is the first of several strings that we are sending to the list for
consideration and discussion.

Proposed Level 1 Standard

Attached is the basic content we discussed at the TDWG meetings, and which
we now need to consider. Could you please consider the contents as set out?

Are there elements anything missing? 
Does it meet the need that you envision for this standard? 
Do any of you who attended the recent TDWG GUID meeting have anything to
bring up related to the LSID/GUID portion?

Anna & Chris

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