Roderic Page at BIO.GLA.AC.UK
Wed Nov 2 16:33:35 CET 2005

For fun I've created a site that searches three data sources - NCBI,
Yahoo images, and Google Scholar for information on a taxonomic name.
If you type in a name you get information on whether that organism has
been sequenced (and if so, how many sequences are available), the first
five images Yahoo finds on the web, and up to 10 documents from Google
Scholar (with DOIs and links to PubMed, where available ).

If you'd like to try it go to (you'll get forwarded
to a machine here in Glasgow).

I know there are all sorts of problems with searching on names, but
I've found it to be fun to see just how much information is out there.

Example links to try are:

Please be aware that the image search can sometime produce images you
might not want children or the faint hearted to see -- despite Yahoo
claiming it filters adult content. You have been warned...

Comments welcome.



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