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Joseph Poupin poupin at ECOLE-NAVALE.FR
Tue Oct 12 08:05:26 CEST 2004

Dear Roderic D. M. Page,

Congratulation for your 'Taxonomic Search Engine' portal.

I maintain a database on tropical crustacea on the Internet (link in my
signature) and I am interested to know if your project could include (or
point to) that particular database?

For example, when I hit 'Calcinus' in your portal I am redirected to
ITIS data. Is it possible also to get the list of species that is
obtained when  'Calcinus' is entered in the field genus of request form
at: ?


Roderic D. M. Page a écrit:

> As a test of various tools for querying multiple taxonomic name
> databases I've created a "Taxonomic Search Engine"
> ( ) that may be of
> interest.
> The site will search external databases (currently ITIS, Index
> Fungorum, IPNI, and uBio) for a name. If it finds the name, you can
> click on the name to get more details, including a link to the
> original web site that provided the name.
> Some examples to try are "Morus", "Physeter macrocephalus", and "Apus
> apus".
> Behind the scenes the application talks to each database in turn and
> outputs the result in a consistent format (or, as consistent as the
> very different database outputs will allow).
> The search engine also outputs Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs) for
> each name. Followers of recent discussions on "GUIDs" (Globally
> Unique Identifiers) for taxonomic names will know that LSIDs are one
> candidate for assigning a GUID to a name. The search engine provides
> one way to explore the utility of LSIDs (including links to tools for
> viewing them).
> I'd welcome comments/feedback. Future plans include adding more
> databases and improving search performance using caching.
> Regards
> Rod Page
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