LSID protocol handler for Mozilla/Firefox

Roderic D. M. Page at BIO.GLA.AC.UK
Mon Dec 13 12:28:15 CET 2004

I've put together a very simple extension that enables Mozilla and
Firefox to handle the "lsidres" protocol used in IBM's Launchpad to
resolve LSIDs. The extension redirects the browser to the LSID resolver. Once the extension is
installed, links such as
become clickable.

This is a bit primitive compared to Launchpad, but means that people
who don't use Internet Explorer 6 on Windows can have clickable
LSIDs. The extension has been tested (I use that term loosely) on
Windows 2000, Mac OS X, and Red Hat 8, with Firefox 0.9.2 - 1.0.



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