[SEEK-Taxon] SEEK Project and TDWG-SDD

Beach, James H beach at KU.EDU
Thu Apr 15 11:03:47 CEST 2004

TDWG-SDD folk:

One more thought which I should have mentioned, the SEEK project is
working with GBIF through Jesse Kennedy's Napier University lab on a
SEEK concept schema with the objective supporting concept-based
databases, IR of concepts and other fun stuff such as web-based services
for concept identification, resolution and disambiguation.  I believe
Jessie plans to present that schema at the TDWG meeting this year. 

I guess the logical end point of my argument would be that the two
standards might become one, so that taxonomic concepts could be used by
both groups of scientists from a single schema.

It seems inevitable that GBIF, SEEK, Berlin, or whomever will put
together a satisfactory, implementable, concept schema within the next
year or two.  My only thought is that the SDD standard might, with what
seems to be a pretty minor shift in organization, be part of the broader
concept effort.

Excuse, if you all have been through this discussion N times!

Jim B.

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