Name for the standard

Kevin Thiele kevin.thiele at BIGPOND.COM
Thu Sep 11 08:30:46 CEST 2003

SDD stands for Structure of Descriptive Data - doesn't seem to me to do the
job, and I just thought it would be sensible for the standard to have a
different name from the group.

Of course, if we use SDD in the end, then the bottle of port is unclaimed.

By the way, I'd better correct my last email. Make that a cheap bottle of
Portugues port.


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> >By the way, there's a bottle of fine Portuguese port for whoever comes up
> >with the final name. Of course, if no-one can come up with anything, the
> >SDD group at Lisbon will have to drink the port as consolation.
> just our of interest, what was wrong with SDD?  Is it really something
> needs a catchy name to market to the outside world?  Won't it just become
> part of the information infrastructure that everyone takes for granted?
> jim
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