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Mon Sep 15 16:43:41 CEST 2003

Leigh Dodds wrote:
> btw, where would look for an update/docs on the new
> standard? I'm curious whether any consideration was
> given to using RDF, which provides a good framework
> for collating data about resources from multiple sources
> and using multiple vocabularies.

(For docs see The
minutes and xsd draft changes from Paris are not finished yet by me,
however. Also Kevin is writing some introduction to the whole of SDD,
that hopefully makes it easier to understand.)

The application of RDF to SDD has been repeatedly discussed -- and is
currently avoided. It probably would be a good thing, everybody
agrees so, but most do not understand it well enough to really work
with it or profit from the definitional documents. I failed to
understand them. So we decided to try without RDF, rather than
debating little understood things. Any review of our results from you
would be great. If you can, come to Lisbon!

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