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yes, I agree that SDD (Standard for Descriptive Data) would do - I was just
looking for something a little more exciting. Cheers - k

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> > >SDD stands for Structure of Descriptive Data - doesn't seem to me to
> > >do the job, and I just thought it would be sensible for the standard
> > >to have a different name from the group.
> > couldn't you just redefine the final product as 'Standard for
> > Descriptive Data', or if you want to be really creative and out there,
> > 'Descriptive Data Standard'?
> The workgroup name "Structure of descriptive data" was originally
> explicitly chosen to describe an analysis process, rather than the
> proposed standard.
> However, there is already some history of calling our thing
> "Structured Descriptive Data (SDD)". Used e.g. by Kevin Thiele, Bryan
> Heidorn, Donald Hobern... !
> I think SDD may be a good option for a new standard name if no other
> term is really convincing. However, I also like Chucks idea of
> putting all TDWG/GBIF standards under a common roof very much.
> Without the TDWG subgroup 12 month later no decision yet extension,
> of course.
> Gregor
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