Agents, Contributors, etc.

Robert A. Morris ram at CS.UMB.EDU
Tue Nov 18 10:28:26 CET 2003

For technical reasons, it would be FAR better if people start at
than the address that Gregor gave.

The first time you try to make a contribution to the wiki you will be
invited to register.

I really hope most discussion takes place in the wiki, not in email.
It's a better discussion medium as most people agree after the 15 minute
learning curve.

Bob Morris

Gregor Hagedorn wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> The silence after Lisbon this time unexpectedly does not mean we are
> back to sleep. Together with Bob and Kevin I use all available time
> in hammering out a new version of the SDD schema incorporating the
> discussions from Lisbon and increasing the logic and consistency of
> the schema.
> Before we publish the entire schema, I would like to raise some
> isolated and specific points in the coming days on the email list. I
> would also like to point to Bobs WIKI
> ( where some
> discussions among us are going on.

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