InternalNotes/ReportedNotes [Request for voting]

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I have transferred the content of this email to the wiki - see

It would be *much* better if any comments are made through the wiki, and
voting (though this may be a trivial example) is conducted there. If any
luddites insist on carrying on a conversation on the list, I will
laboriously transfer it all to the wiki.

Cheers - k

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From: "Gregor Hagedorn" <G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE>
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 3:03 AM
Subject: InternalNotes/ReportedNotes [Request for voting]

> In the current version of the SDD schema we have:
> InternalNotes: A single element for all languages, intended for
> internal documentation, annotations, memos during the development
> process of either the terminology or descriptions. This is sort of
> like a scrap page for authors or editors.
> ReportedNotes: Free form notes/comments/annotations that address the
> consumer of descriptive data. Multiple representations for each
> audience/language addressed are available.
> The pair InternalNotes/ReportedNotes is intended to express the fact
> that Internal Notes are not usually published, whereas reported notes
> are an essential part of the descriptive data.
> ----
> I am currently thinking about whether different element names may be
> more acceptable or intuitive.
> * Using Annotation instead of InternalNotes
> * Using FreeFormText instead of ReportedNotes.
> We could use Notes instead of ReportedNotes, but I find the pair
> Annotation/Notes easily confusible.
> Please do "vote" on this issue on the email list!
> Gregor
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