Correct term for collating/summarizing/consolidating/inferring from below

Guillaume Rousse rousse at CCR.JUSSIEU.FR
Wed Mar 12 12:44:44 CET 2003

Ainsi parlait Sauvenay Guillaume :
> Kevin Thiele wrote:
> > Consider this in the real world. If I have a number of descriptions of
> > species, and from them I want to create a genus description, then I
> > would /collate/ the genus description from the species descriptions.
> > /Compile/ and /aggregate/ would also work, but I think collate works
> > better.
> couldn't we call that induction?
> here is a definition :
> "Induction is the process of inference employed in "inductive logic".
> A mode of reasoning that starts with specific facts and concludes
> general hypotheses or theories"
> here, species descriptions are observed fact and genus description is
> inducted
> and this term is less general than infer
For me inference, induction, deduction sound like specific methodologies, 
whereas collate, aggregate and compile correspond to the generic process. In 
other words, you can collate/aggregate/compile either by inference, by 
induction, or by deduction.

BTW, if the collate/aggregate/compile processs can be formalised and at least 
expressed as a recomendation in the standard, it becomes useless to store its 
result as it can be reproduced.
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