is there an "xml-include"

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        My understanding of XML is that indeed, the character name
and states should be written out fully in all descriptions.  Characters
and states should not be placed in a separate file aws in DELTA.  The
'efficiency' of the DELTA model is really a trade off optimizing storage
over processing.  The makers of the XML model deliberately chose not to
optimize storage and to create wordy XML files to optimize processing. File
storage is not viewed as being a limiting factor any more, as it was when
DELTA was designed.

        There are a few ways to include data from other files and DTD's but
these are best used to create templates and allow for differently structured
DTD in the same document.  Say you have a DTD describing a taxonomic paper.
That DTD can easily reference separate DTD's for taxonomic nomenclature,
plants specimens,
and taxon descriptions, combining the results which can then be transformed
into a full taxonomic treatment.

        I think it is a mistake to try to directly translate the DELTA data
model into XML.  The XML model is different.  It is more flexible, more
readable, and
more easily processed.  It can also model hierarchies, though its relational
capabilities are
poor. The focus should be on developing a good XML model of taxonomic
data.  If necessary, it can be easily translated into DELTA format, or any
other format, using XSL and can be processed by the available XML tools.

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Kerry Barringer
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Subject: XML: is there an "xml-include"

If character are defined with an id (numeric or character) in one
file, and the item descriptions use these ids through idref or
through xml-schema keyref means:

How can a validating parser validate the schema, including keyrefs,
without having to include the entire character definition in each of
1000s of taxon description xml files? Can the ids for idref/keyref be
declared to be in a separate file?

I could not find a standard xml-include command. I know there is one
defined for dtds, but that is all I could find.

Can the xml experts help?


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