XML: is there an "xml-include"

Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Tue Nov 20 11:17:27 CET 2001

If character are defined with an id (numeric or character) in one
file, and the item descriptions use these ids through idref or
through xml-schema keyref means:

How can a validating parser validate the schema, including keyrefs,
without having to include the entire character definition in each of
1000s of taxon description xml files? Can the ids for idref/keyref be
declared to be in a separate file?

I could not find a standard xml-include command. I know there is one
defined for dtds, but that is all I could find.

Can the xml experts help?


PS I will post minutes of the TDWG meeting within the next days
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