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Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Tue Nov 20 16:30:53 CET 2001

Dear Kerry,

I can not see how what you propose could work. The name of a
character is not necessarily unique across different taxa, and often
not even within a taxon. Further the character concept and its names
(technical, laymen, English, German, etc.) are a 1:n relation. The
name can not stand for the character, only a code can. I do not care
whether this code is characters or numbers, but I believe it is a
mistake to think if something is <haircolor></haircolor> to take the
code at face value and assume you know what are hairs and what is
color. Hairs are quite different things in plants, animals, or fungi,
and color needs information whether it is a code from a color
comparison chart, or an undefined term like "red".

I think I am sticking less with a DELTA storage optimization model,
but with a relational information model, which is what I have been
using for all my projects. The relational model allows language
independence. How can you preserve that, without having unique codes
that lead to the definition of a character?

That does not mean, that a free text description in some language,
say Chinese, may be present, in addition to the data. That is why I
am thinking of attributes, not element data.

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