is there an "xml-include"

Robert A. (Bob) Morris ram at CS.UMB.EDU
Wed Nov 21 05:52:21 CET 2001

Leigh Dodds writes:
 > Date:         Wed, 21 Nov 2001 09:15:02 -0000
 > From: Leigh Dodds <ldodds at INGENTA.COM>
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 > Subject:      Re: is there an "xml-include"
 > At risk of distracting from the discussion at hand:

 > Well strictly speaking XML can be used to model/serialise graph structures,
 > so while it is hierarchical, and the syntax does require a single root,
 > there's
 > no reason why this can't become a graph (or other) structure once parsed.
 > There's been a lot of activity (unsurprisingly) in serialising XML into and
 > out of databases. In general it's not an easy problem to solve, but it
 > can be done.

People interested in how easily it can always be done, but why it is
hard to do it well in general, might consult S. Abiteboul, P. Buneman,
D. Suciu, "Data on the Web. From Relations to Semistructured Data and
XML", Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2000, especially pp. 172 ff.

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