Morphological Data Representation

Guillaume Rousse rousse at CCR.JUSSIEU.FR
Wed Nov 28 13:51:53 CET 2001

Ainsi parlait Steve Shattuck :
> Guillaume commented that he's "always surprised seeing people recommend
> using proprietary stuff" in response to my suggestion of using Microsoft's
> XML Notepad (which, by the way, is actually free).  The point I was trying
> to make was that XML can get complicated very quickly and using an XML view
> (of any sort) is better than using a text editor.  Nothing more.
'Free' in free software refers to freedom, not price (think free speech, not
free beer). XML Notepad is freeware (currently), not free software. I think
distinction here is really important.

And about the utility of a dedicated xml editor vs a text editor, it is
defenitively a question of personal taste. It all depends of the editor, the
ease you have with it, etc... As a die-hard vim-user, i never found any
specialized xml editor which allowed so many functionalities.
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