XML gateways

Robert A. (Bob) Morris ram at CS.UMB.EDU
Tue Mar 20 11:07:12 CET 2001

Jim Croft writes:
 > Date:         Wed, 21 Mar 2001 00:25:09 +1100
 > From: Jim Croft <jrc at anbg.gov.au>
 > To: TDWG-SDD at usobi.org
 > Subject:      Re: XML gateways
 > >Virtually all major relational dbms now output XML, if crude, and
 > >there is not really much reason people shouldn't be doing so on some
 > >agreed upon alternative http port, say 8883.
 > I would advise against this... many institutional firewalls prohibit all
 > packets except through port 80... this would effectively prevent all of our
 > staff from playing with the outside world...  bummer, but them's the rules...

Sad, but true. We should kick around other ideas to solve this
problem, though a conventional port may be the easiest for data
sources to implement. How about:

- A convention whereby if
yields HTML then
yields XML

-A convention whereby people set up virtual hosts---pretty easy in
most web servers---so that if
yields HTML then something like
yields XML

Hopefully all of this is temporary, since a well crafted GBIF should
provide for discovery of URL, query syntax, and return schema. My real
point is that current versions of Oracle, SQL-Server, FileMaker, and
Access(?) can already emit XML without much(?) effort on the part of
the data source operators, and doing so would let people proceed to
build interesting distributed applications.


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