Challenge 1

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Mon Dec 3 07:40:06 CET 2001

>The mixed content of my suggestion is the thing I worry about most. But if
>there are advantages to mixed content (and it seems to me there are) then I
>think these should be weighed against the difficulty of dealing with it.

I am not yet convinced there are real advantages in mixed content, other
than allowing the reproduction of a block of text closer to what was
actually written in a prior publication.

If the information can be represented structurally without resorting to
mixed content then I think this is what we should do.  However, it might be
ok to defer banning mixed content outright until we are convinced we have a
structure that caters for all our needs.

My gut feeling is that the structure will not fully cater for our needs as
long as there is mixed content.  But we shall see...


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