Questions on Dependencies and identifiers

Kevin Thiele kevin.thiele at BIGPOND.COM
Thu Dec 6 09:49:50 CET 2001

Jim wrote

| Thinking further about Kevin's two types of dependency, context and
| content (or whatever the terminology was), isn't the former an artifact
| of the character set we have decided to use and the latter an artifact
| of the taxa we are covering? The former is just not possible, the latter
| might be possible but is just not there.  If this really is the case and
| one sort of dependency arises from the character state and another
| arises from the taxa being considered, then it is very likely that they
| should be modelled in slightly or completely different ways.

This resulted from c.10 minutes thinbking in response to Steve's point. It
does seem to be true that there are these 2 types of dependencies, but we
need to think much more about (a) whether they need to be treated
differently and (b) whether there aren't even more types.

Again, shall we keep this thread going or set it aside to pick up later. I'm
inclined to the latter.

Cheers - k

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