Character hierarchies

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Wed Dec 12 07:34:21 CET 2001

Jim Croft writes:
 > Date:         Sat, 1 Dec 2001 07:28:21 +1100
 > From: Jim Croft <jrc at>
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 > Subject:      Re: Character hierarchies
 > >The other qualifiers (misinterps etc) aren't in there yet, but will come.
 > >We'll have to be much more sophisticated that in my example, of course.
 > >
 > >Now how about "definately known to be unknown"
 > Very droll... However, Greg and I have discussed this in depth over a
 > bottle of red and have come to the firm conclusion that without the
over "a" bottle of wine, or over "a quantity of bottles of red wine
wine more than zero and of indeterminate number" ?

 > attribute of "often misinterpreted as definitely known to be unknown", and
 > the corresponding "rarely misinterpreted as definitely known to be
 > unknown", accurate representation of author intent in biological
 > descriptions will never be possible...
 > So get to it - we expect to see this in the next software release, real
 > soon now...
 > jim
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