DIG35 Digital Image Metadata Standard

Robert A. (Bob) Morris ram at CS.UMB.EDU
Thu Apr 26 14:21:32 CEST 2001

The DIG35 Initiative Group is circulating for comment a Draft of
Version 1.1 of their metadata specificiation for digital images. See

This extensive XML-based proposal standard allows the specification of
content metadata, colorimetric metadata including ICC color profiles
of the imaging system and characterization of the illuminant,
intellectual property rights (IPR), history of the image, capture data
including GPS data,...

This is very cool stuff, from a group whose members include Adobe,
Agfa, Kodak, Fujifilm, Canon, HP, and Microsoft.

Look into this if you are publishing images and want such things down the road as:

    -distributed catalog access
    -remote color rendering with a high likelyhood  looking like
the original
    -standardized IPR so that micropayment software can pay you
everytime somebody uses your image
    -ease of software comparison of your image to someone else's

Don't look into this if:

    - 200+ standards proposals turn you off
    - You want to wait until somebody builds the applications that
make use of standards and then you want to not care about the
standards, just the applications
    - You think XML is an American TV wrestling organization

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