Philosophy; Was: Re: Draft Spec mark 2

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Mon Sep 4 08:47:37 CEST 2000

Bob Wrote:
>Kevin's effort, and TDWG's charter, is foremost about data in the
>service of knowledge, rather than knowledge in the service of
>users. As such, his effort supports the system builders, especially
>those with a desire to exchange or federate data or (one hopes) to
>build extensible systems.

I like this first sentence especially as it sums up the level that TDWG is,
or should be on about...

>Taxonomists, God bless 'em. You can't live with 'em and you can't
>live without 'em.

Well, biological information management would certainly be a lot easier if
they hadn't got there first... :)


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