Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Mon Sep 4 08:59:39 CEST 2000

Bryan wrote:

>We can validate existence if not content. I should be able to say that all
>of my
>descriptions will have <natural history> notes and maybe <medical uses>
>in regular old natural language. If I set up my project standard correctly
>under SDD
>my validator should scream is an author tries to send in a manuscript
>without that
>section, even if the computer can not read the text.

I think this is a point that Kevin did not pick up clearly in his initial
pass at validation and should really be part of the specs...

>I would like to see a "Free Text" character type in the standard and warn
>that they can not use it for characters that they want to process through
>interactive key programs.

That is more or less what happens in DELTA at the moment, isn't it?


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