TDWG-SDD XML proposals

Robert A. (Bob) Morris ram at CS.UMB.EDU
Wed Nov 1 07:13:00 CET 2000

Kevin Thiele writes:
 > Date:         Wed, 1 Nov 2000 17:21:45 +1100
 > From: Kevin Thiele <kevin.thiele at PI.CSIRO.AU>
 > To: TDWG-SDD at
 > Subject:      Re: TDWG-SDD XML proposals
 > From: Mike Dallwitz <md at ENTO.CSIRO.AU>
 > Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 1:32 PM
 > Subject: Re: TDWG-SDD XML proposals of Kevin Thiele
 > | There is no mention of character lists in this draft (perhaps it is to
 > come
 > | in later versions). There is currently no way of ensuring that
 > descriptions
 > | are comparative.
 > The intention (at least from where I sit) is to incorporate (optional)
 > character lists later - again, once idrefs are implemented.

Our intention exactly. But not *too much* later, given how important
interoperability with the large amount of list based data there is.
In fact, it will be the next thing we work on. I don't think that a
start (including translations back and forth from lists to trees) will
be very difficult. I do suspect that discussion of details will end up
being extensive. At W3C this kind of thing often goes through 7-8
rounds of comment and revision before a recommendation appears. People
may wish to see Sec 6.2 of the W3C Process Document to see how they
proceed to bring something through to the status of
Recommendation. (They leave "Standard" to standards bodies).

 > Cheers - k

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