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Jean-Marc Vanel jmvanel at FREE.FR
Thu Mar 2 21:51:35 CET 2000

Kevin Thiele a écrit :

> Jean-Marc's work does indeed need appraisal by the group in relation to our
> goals. My understanding from a brief perusal of his site is that he's trying
> to establish a franework for creating a set (one day he hopes for a global
> set) of descriptions of plants on the web,

Yes, by merging Flora descriptions with character-based data à la Delta.

> the data structured in such a way
> as to be queryable as well as readable.

Yes, it will make biological knowledge really accessible. For the query aspect,
I try to structure data in a way suitable to export to several kind of programs:

- Artificial Intelligence
- Delta and LucID
- databases, relational and OO

> Two likely differences between the present attempt and his may be
> 1. that we need to create something more flexible so that any botanist can
> capture any aspect of systematic data for any taxon - i.e. a Stipa can be
> described just as fully as a Taraxacum and a Nepenthes, with data ranging
> from morphology to anatomy, phytochemisty and gene sequences (the latter is
> the only easy one). Jean-Marc's thing seems to me to be of the fairly
> inflexible variety

This assertion is "present by misinterpretation". The set of properties and
organs is of course not limited, although for convenience a standard set will be

> 2. Jean-Marc's model is directed towards capturing descriptions. We need to
> also allow for identification data for the range of key programs available
> and in the future. Thus, things like character sets, dependencies, allowing
> for misinterpretations etc may perhaps have little meaning in Jean-Marc's
> domain, but are critical in ours.

You must not doubt about my commitment to integrate those things in a general
model. I'm currently searching funding/sponsorship because now I have to work on
this after normal work hours.
Anyway next monday I'll present a more detailed model and example, showing how
data and meta-data published on different sites can be used together.


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