SDD Specifications Document

Leigh Dodds ldodds at INGENTA.COM
Thu Feb 24 09:48:00 CET 2000

> (a).On theoretical and practical grounds, DTD's
> are now understood to be a weak way to describe the schemata
> (small 'S') of XML documents. The specialists should argue
> about whether RDF or XML-Schema's (uppercase 'S') work
> better (or try each on for size) and if there is a compelling
> reason to have a DTD then derive one from the Schema.

I agree, and will use the W3C XML-Schema syntax to produce
an XML interpretation of Kevins document. I'll refrain
from using any complicated Schema features so at to
not detract from the core discussion.

The debate in the developer community concerning Schemas
is currently something of a hot topic [1].

I hope to be able to present something shortly.




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