<XML> Abstract Data Model for Taxonomy

Kevin Thiele kevin.thiele at PI.CSIRO.AU
Mon Feb 28 09:47:16 CET 2000

>>>From Jean-Marc

>Leigh Dodds a écrit :
>> 1. Firstly is it possible to express items like
>> "Feature often present by mis-identification"
>Sorry, my english is too weak. Does this mean a character value that is
>often reported by confusion with another taxon ?

Leigh is presumably referring to the "Feature present (by
misinterpretation)" score (see LucID). This is a score applicable to a state
for a taxon so that, for instance, if a taxon lacks petals but has
petal-like pseudopetals, you can score that petals are absent (the truth)
but also present (by misinterpretation). This pre-empts likely user errors
in an interactive key, while allowing the treatment builder to maintain data
integrity. If there is no such score, the only way of pre-empting the
mistake is to deliberately introduce errors into the data.

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