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Susan B. Farmer sfarmer at GOLDSWORD.COM
Fri Aug 11 09:35:12 CEST 2000

>>  > Treatment build/revision number is a really good idea and we all agreed
>>  > that we should have had it in our treatments before.
>>  > We use the 0 when the treatment is under development and not released yet.
>>  > I do not know how to deal with dynamic treatment build revision numbers.
>>What's meant by this?
>I don't think this needs to be in the spec. We're just following software
>development practice that anything with a revision number less than 1.0 can
>not be trusted.... Or is that anything less than 2.5?

IME, anything less than 1.0 -- and *nothing* that ends in a 0 even if
it is 5.0 ...wait till 5.1!


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