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Hi all, just catching up on the recent list traffic...

Thought I'd throw out a few pointers which came to mind.

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>  >                 <CONTRIBUTOR ID>PBH1</CONTRIBUTOR ID>
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> Yech. Separate names into different elements for ease of
> transformation, e.g. alphabetizing.

Some recent relevant discussion (on XML-DEV) regarding the marking up of
[1,2,3,4,5,6] (Personally I like the format proposed by John Cowan, see


> There must be existing XML mailing address standards around. Better to
> use them to leverage any other software that also does.

These are good points - it is certainly worth looking around to re-use
markup conventions where posssible. The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative [7]
be one useful resource here. For example they specify qualifiers for
some elements (e.g. creator/contributor) [8, 9] which allow identification
of name,
affiliation, etc.

Even if the exact markup is not used, there are usually useful lessons to be


There has been some discussion regarding producing an XML version of the
discussion proposal. Alongside this issues such as version numbering, date
modified, descriptive text, etc. These can be viewed as metadata describing
the markup. There are some XML 'patterns' which relate to this area [10,

The XML patterns site [12] is an excellent resource for information on
good XML document types.


I've become increasingly convinced lately that the RDF model [13, 14 (useful
introduction)] may be useful in this
context. For those who are not familiar with RDF it essentially allows one
to make
assertions about particular objects; expressed as 'triples'.

e.g. socrates is a man, the leaf is ovate.

Still mulling this one over...




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