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Dear Colleagues

I welcome all the new members of the list! Currently 96 people have
subscribed, that is considerably more than I expected. However, only
few people from the NEXUS community have subscribed.

As it should be, the discussion is already in full flow. If those
people who have signed up late want to catch up, please can go to the
web archive (http://usobi.org/archives/tdwg-sdd.html).

Perhaps we should try to add some more structure (Kevin already made
some suggestions), but in any case just keep posting everything you
think relevant.

Regarding the general purpose of this list and the manager (Mauro's
question), I post the welcome message below. Most of you have already
received this, but some early subscribers did not or received an
earlier version.

Separate postings with minutes and a provisional outline will follow.


 TDWG-SDD, Discussion List on the Structure of Descriptive Data

To post a message to the list, send email to tdwg-sdd at usobi.org
from your subscribed email address. Include a meaningful Subject

In general, use only plain text in the main body of your message,
and put HTML or other formatted text/graphics in attachments.
This will make it easier for other subscribers to read the
message, and very importantly, it will allow the LISTSERVer to
create useful search terms from you message's main body.

TDWG is the Taxonomic Databases Working Group. The mission of TDWG
can be found at http://www.tdwg.org/. The subgroup "Structure of
Descriptive Data" was started 1998 at the TDWG meeting in Reading. At
the TDWG meeting in Harvard in Oct 1999 it was agreed that the
subgroup should attempt to analyze the requirements for a new standard
for descriptive data. The metaformat for the standard will probably be
based on XML or related formats. It is hoped that this standard
will reach universal recognition to become at some point a successor
to existing standards like DELTA, NEXUS, or XDF.

The purpose of this discussion list is to foster communication and
collaboration among those involved in the creation of a new standard.
The new standard should be carefully drafted and agreed upon by

The discussion list provides an email- and www-accessible archive
(available at http://usobi.org/archives/tdwg-sdd.html) so that the
discussion is adequately documented. The list is expected to produce
some traffic, including attached formatted documents (HTML +
graphics). If you are concerned about too many emails flooding in,
please consider whether your email client offers an automatic filter
function to directly copy all mails originating from the list into a
separate folder.

To unsubscribe from the list you should send an email to
LISTSERV at USOBI.ORG with the message:


If you have any question about the TDWG-SDD list, write to the list
owners at the generic address:

        TDWG-SDD-Request at USOBI.ORG

If you have any suggestion or additions please send them to me!

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