First level topics on this list (GEN)

Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Thu Nov 25 17:48:39 CET 1999

The following is an attempt to structure the topics that must be
discussed. On a first level, I believe we need to discuss:

(GEN) General topics, e.g. discussion about the agenda in general,
      standardization process in general, perhaps exploration of
      funding possibilites to organize one or several workshops.

(RQT) Requirement analysis and information model for descriptive
      information in biology: Stepping back and asking ourselves what
      we need in terms of information model, entities/attributes or
      functionality. We should try to create an outline here to
      further structure this discussion

(XML) Exploration of the suitability or desirability of XML to be
      used as a metaformat for a new exchange format for descriptive
      data (incl. discussion of XML-Data, XML-Schema, XML-RDF, names
      spaces, Dublin Core, etc.

What else? RQT and XML should definitely be structured further. I
will make a proposal for RQT tomorrow.

- Always use a subject line
- If possible, add the outline code (GEN, RQT, XML) and perhaps the
  number in the outline for this topic after your own subject in
  brackets. See the example for (GEN) in this posting.
- When responding to a posting, please delete any information you are
  not commenting on. Do not just leave the entire posting as quoted
  text before or after your own text!

I believe that structuring will help the discussion, but please feel
free at any time to submit a discussion paper on any topic you
consider important!

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