Types of data

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Fri Nov 26 06:12:38 CET 1999

>   <leaf>
>      <lamina>
>         <vein_islands>
>            <indumentum density="sparse"/>
>         </vein_islands>
>      </lamina>
>   </leaf>

I really like this open ended nested or hierachical approach to characters
and the contextual and relational information it brings with it.  It would
be really nice to be able to handle this arangement of data in a DELTA or
DELTA-like application.  There are instances where it would be very useful
and certainly improve ease of drilling through large character sets.
However, data-wise, it is a lot more verbose, and you could up with a lot
of repetition to describe similar indumentum on leaves, stems, pedicels,
fruit, etc.; but if someone wants to build such a thing, I sure we could
live with this... :)


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