Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Mon Nov 29 16:20:28 CET 1999

Thanks for your talk about XML. I have several questions:

o Are Vocabulary and Namespace synonymous terms?

o What is XML-DATA?

o Reading about RDF and Dublin Core as RDF application I was left
confused as to what acutally is a resource. It usually seems to be
assumed that it is a document, but this impression may only be due to
the examples.

Thus, in a file with several item descriptions could:
- Each item be a resource, for which a creator/editor etc. is
described using DublinCore?
- Could even the characters information within an item have different
authors? (And if yes: Is it wise to do this?)
- Is there a limit to a hierarchy of RDF objects in an XML file?
> You can copy-and-paste this into an example.html file, and see it in
> Internet Explorer 5, or Mozilla, or any XHTML+CSS1 compliant browser.

Note: I assume that Mozilla does not apply to Netscape 4.7, which did
not seem to be able to display the code you appended

>    * how and why mix several vocabularies,

I would be very interested in this one.


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