Character types (RQT)

Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Mon Nov 29 18:27:20 CET 1999

> This means that anyone using the format 'offline' doesn't need to
> access some resource storage (i.e. the net) to make a successful
> identification.

My use of "external resource" was rather unclear. I am thinking in
terms of a database information system, so external resource means
any URL or file based document. Thus external in my use could just as
well be a local resource as a internet resource. If an information
system is distributed on CD, all images, formatted text, and audio
etc. would be on that CD.

Any better terms than "external resource"? I don't like media
resource/hypermedia etc., because I feel this is not very adequate
for resources like a query/identification interface.

> Yes, rendering a graphical representation of (say) a leaf onto the screen
> would be a good application for vector graphics. However again some
> additional
> text describing the image/shape would be useful - for those applications
> that don't support vector graphics, or indeed visually impaired users.

A resource in my model has specific attributes (which are different
from characters), esp. indication of scope (to which
items/character/state it belongs + flags whether it is to be used as
default resource for this scope), a caption, which contains the
description, media types, etc.

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