Leigh Dodds ldodds at INGENTA.COM
Tue Nov 30 10:26:27 CET 1999

>Just say for the moment that we'll have several vocabularies by large
>biological descriptions (generalities)

Just to comment here, one approach being taken by the XHTML working group
is to take modular approach with future version of the specification (XHTML
onwards). This allows defined portions of the spec to be replaced with
vendor specific extensions, e.g. replace all the form elements with
some extended/amended syntax, or the same with tables, etc.

Such an approach might benefit this effort, in that a core set of
descriptive markup for characters can be defined, and then allow
additional modular extensions for the differing disciplines.

This has the advantage of providing a small initial spec and data model
which can then be extended. (an approach thats worth considering
even without modularity included in the final design).


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