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Sat Dec 4 15:19:50 CET 1999

*snip*  I've got to catch up on my back reading ...

But I saw this and *had* to respond!

>Example 2:  Say I want to run NaviKey on my Palm Pilot*.  The device has
>limited resources and I would prefer to use very small files if at all
>As you say, these problems will all go away someday.
>-Noel Cross
>*I only wish it were possible -- A few people have actually asked for this
>capability, as it would be handy to use such as program in the field.

It's probably not that far off.  I found the program that Larry Morse
first did for interactive specimen identification before I entered Grad
School.  It takes 64K to run.  (At the time it probably had a limit of
64K for data too -- and that stretched the limits of the computer.)  Most
of your hand-help calculators have a memory of at least 64K now.
How programmable *is* a Palm Pilot?

Susan Farmer
sfarmer at goldsword.com
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