Jean-Marc Vanel jmvanel at FREE.FR
Sun Dec 5 10:29:27 CET 1999

Wellcome in this list!

It seems that we are on the same wavelength, see my vision in :

I know little about Palm Pilot. But we should avoid being tied to proprietary systems and API, which doesn't prevent to work on Palm Pilot, having a compatibility API layer for proprietary calls. It seems that a lot can be done a standard browser, using Javascript, DOM, XSLT, with small applets to provide the rest of functionalities. Internet Explorer 5 will probably be soon XSLT-compliant, and Mozilla (www.mozilla.org) is advancing, having a modular, open-source architecture, and support for XML and CSS.

Dave Vieglais a écrit :

> Palm Pilots are eminently programmable.

With standard tools?

> Add a GPS... Add in a couple more data collection devices- and capture quantitative information at the same time- temperature, humidity, canopy gap fraction, even fish-eye photos (if you're into that sort of thing)...

Can you connect all those things on a palm pilot ?

> Sounds like a fun project to me.

Have you the time and/or sponsorship and/or skills to do that?

> The real key is datasets that are readily interoperable- that's what XML can provide.

Don't worry, datasets will come within a few month, using a simple linguistic approach to parse existing floristic texts (see http://jmvanel.free.fr/Samples/parsing.htm).


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