(XML)sharing files between programs without data loss

Jean-Marc Vanel jmvanel at FREE.FR
Sun Dec 12 22:27:49 CET 1999


Leigh Dodds is absolutely right in is "no silver bullet" message.

What I had in mind is an answer to the problem raised by "Susan B. Farmer"
<sfarmer at GOLDSWORD.COM>

... there was no way to take *this* file back into DELTA.  But more than that;
all of the continuous data in the original file (aka measurements) are now
gone and will have to be added back into the DELTA data set by hand.  :-(
Why not extend the current standards that if there are data types that
their particular application doesn't recognize, they stay around -- just

So for the programmer it implies that the DOM model should be kept throughout
the application program, and not be rewriten from scratch when the user pushes

About Leigh Dodds' example:

   <application-B-tag references="8">
      I referred to standard chart X to finally decide on shapes.

The 'references' attribute is like a pointer in C, or a foreign key in a
database. The example's application B could have put its tag inside the
concerned <character> element. In this case application A would logically
destroy the comment of B together with with the character. Or another solution
would be for the 'references' attribute to be an IDREF (XML's reference to a
document-unique ID); in this way the DOM implementation would probably forbid
the deletion of the element being referenced.


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