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Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Tue May 11 17:19:08 UTC 2021

Thanks Ramona

Yes, we will. Is https://github.com/GenomicsStandardsConsortium/mixs/issues the best place please?


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Thank you for the update, Tim. Sorry I am not able to make these TG calls.

If GBIF needs new terms, would you consider submitting them for inclusion in MIxS? I know we are slow in making new releases, but we could get them in eventually, and with our new method, we should be able to release new terms without doing a full (annual) MIxS release.

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On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 8:10 AM Dröge, Gabriele <G.Droege at bgbm.org<mailto:G.Droege at bgbm.org>> wrote:
Hi Tim,

Thanks for the update. I would be interested to hear how to implement the enviro-packages in DwC. Maybe we can talk about it in the next IG meeting.

On the GBIF vocabulary page I can only find an extension that lists the package names, but it is unclear to me how to actually use the individual package terms. My first guess would be to create individual extensions for each enviro package.


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Hi all,

We discussed the outstanding DwC-A extension questions with Pier and have a proposed way forward.
The motivation here is to keep the scope of the TG well-defined, and to progress exploratory activities that complement the work here.

1. Create a MIxS specific DwC-A Extension
- Within the TDWG github
- Containing only the fields of MIxS not covered by DwC
- We will maintain a SSSOM mapping for the "covered" terms
- This extension will be the reference showcasing the use of DwC and MIxS within a DwC-A for the report
- Expected that TDWG / GSC will commit to maintain this with future changes in standards

2. GBIF create an additional DNA extension
- In the GBIF schema repository (rs.gbif.org<http://rs.gbif.org>)
- based on the MIxS Extension, but bringing in the additional terms necessary to satisfy the exchange needs of the GBIF/OBIS network
- Documented in the description that it extends the MIxS one with a link
- GBIF/OBIS progress with early adopters in data exchange, to be referred to in the report as a “case study” / example of use

3. Consider documenting other formats in the report
- Ideas include the Frictionless Data, W3C CSV approach including a conversion to RDF

Please say if you have any comments or concerns, otherwise we’ll work through this in the coming weeks.

Many thanks,
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